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bibchip UHF:

Our concept is and will be the chip in the bib number. Barrier-free with 8  meters ground antenna and a provent bibchip (gen2) - chip in the bib number, also now iwth new UHF RFID technique. Our so-called Taggy bibchip gen2 is the main UHF cnotrol unit which is connected to these 8 segment antenna. It saves the data coming from the transponders with its respective times. Those are given to the athletes with a bib number in the sitze of A5. The information on the backside of the bib number are read touchless from the ground antenna by RFID-signal.


Data are provided live at every point of intersection. Especially fail safe is our embedded Linux System on a PC104. The decisive advantage is the highly recognition security because start-, split- and finish times of the athletes are captured in the critical moments.

bibchip HF:

bibchip HF is especially in action for indoor events as the UHF-technology is not suitable. It is the RFID timekeeping system with integrated chip in the bib number. Antenna gates are placed at the height of the measurement line that are working with HF technology and detects the times with especially for us produced transponders. bibchip HF is DLV-certified (German Athletics Association).

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Network Synchronisation:

Our timekeeping systems are equipped with a further feature. Our so-called Taggies now have the possibility of a common data synchronisation - meaning, all systems at an event are synchronised over a common network (optinal with an internet connection). The advantage is that recorded times are preciser and the quality of the results can be increased.


Control and Data Communication with Start Gates for Snowboard- & Ski-Cross-Events:

We have developed a control unit for the snowboard cross and ski-cross country take-offs which amkes it possible to open the starting system either automatically or manually. In team competitions it is essential that the control unit opens for the next team member when the first team member has crossed the finish line. Our innovation makes it possible to automatize this process. An external timekeeping system can be connected to the developed control unit. As soon as an athlete crosses the finish line, a signal sent opens the control unit at the start. Thereor we have developed a safe communication with a very small lag time.

Snowboard-Video + Timekeeping Synchronisation:

With the aid of RFID technology a coherent solution for timekeeping and video recording for snowboard-cross is found. Active transponder systems are synchronised with the controlling of automatized video recording. Those video clips of individual athletes are published than on the result page and on social network plattforms.

Fitness Tracker

Align (Body Area Network):

For best performances during roadwork modern fitness wrist bands are used for tracking of pulse frequency, running speed and much more. We go further with our innovation: Our application allows you to adapt the speed of your music with your individual running speed. This supports your training actively concerning your running speed. This is absolutely unique - worldwide! Runners don't have to adapt their speed when the next song comes. So, this allows to completely focus on their training.

Textil & RFID:

With the chip in the bib number we found a way to send runners relaxed on the course. A direct integration of the transponder in textile is also possible. Timekeeping works in this case with the chip in the shirt. Especially suitable is this method in the area of winter sports, e.g. times are detected by the chips in the vest.


Temperature Controlling and Trademark Protection / Logistics:

For logistics purposes goods and pallets are equipped with RFID transponder. This allows the controlling of the process of goods movement from manufacturer until sales. Temperature controlling can be used in cases of sensitive goods, e.g. cooled products, with the aid of transponders. In connection with trademark protection products are labelled with a "BIO" RFID Label to ensure 100% proven bio-quality.

Beach Volleyball:

RFID transponders in beach volleyball aid to recognise the ball on the pitch. This technology is used to secure referee's decisions.


Security Gate:

A simulation of the security gates is taken place with the RFID technology. Therefor different scenarios of controlling are simulated, e.g. detections of dangerous objects to test the security gates and present it.

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Innovations management


An ingenious idea is essential for companies - but to implement them is an often long and tedious way. We support you with our many years of experience in all matters:

Idea implementation. We support you through the entire process. From planning to execution, we are there from step 1 and contribute to your success.

Development process. What does the whole process lok like? Defining a project, 1. developing prototypes, making improvements, producing the first small series are just the frame steps. As a consulting service provider, we help you to define all steps in detail and to take all the possible scenarios into consideration.

Ring of Lightbulbs

Promotion of innovation management. Innovations are very expensive. Choosing the right innovation promotion can lower your costs. When selecting the support program that suits your innovation best, we are the best contact due to our many years of experience. Furthermore, we help you during the whole application process to ensure a successful application.

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